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Easter Windows

Easter is early this year!  I painted these windows at Fortunatos Pastry shop last week.  IMG_3602

I was inspired by the plush Easter bunnies they had dispersed throughout the store.


The girl bunny!

IMG_3597 (1)

Matching boy bunny!


Flowers along the side windows…and all the people!  These folks are IT somewhere in Manhattan.  Yes, I do hear the conversations as I paint!IMG_3599

The back doors….



The end windows.  The real meaning of Easter…the Lord has risen.  Peace, Joy, Love and Hope.


Happy Easter!


Window Painting in Brooklyn – Summer and Fall

There’s not a lot of window Painting over the summer.  Small businesses like spending their extra money for holiday decorations at Christmas time.

However, I do get an occasional window in the summer.  This is Capri-Jet Realty.  You will find him right in hipsterville just off the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Union in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

july 4th

july 4th

williamsburg, Brooklyn

williamsburg, Brooklyn



the look from inside

the look from inside

More Christmas Window Paintings

Here are a few more Christmas Windows.  I finished up with these last week.  It’s always a good feeling to finally be done!

These first few photos are from Kellogs Diner in Brooklyn.  Located on the very busy subway stop of Union and Metropolitan avenue in Williamsburg. George the Greek no longer owns it.  (New news to me.) Vicki is the new owner.  She is one of those women with a very strong personality who you instinctively know it is a good thing to be on her good side.

Kellog's Diner, Brooklyn

Vicki made it very clear she was happy to have a new window painter this Christmas.  She got my number from another client of mine.  I used to paint this diner years ago before it was remodeled.  I was just happy she was happy with most of it.


It took me almost 2 hours longer than estimated.  That is one weak area – underestimating the time it will take to paint.





Kellogs Diner was a total of 16 windows and a constant flow of hungry customers.

When you spend hours on end hopping from booth to booth in a crowded diner you hear everything.  You hear more than what you want to hear.  Crazy conversations, parents shushing their kids for talking loudly, belching, but I have to say a pet peeve of mine is when people suck their teeth!  It has the same quality as fingernails on the chalk board.

Below is Little Italy Pizzeria on 47th Street in Manhattan.


Dino, the owner likes to include all the holidays.  Happy Hanukkah!

Little Italy Pizza, Manhattan

And he likes me to paint his logo, which is a running pizza man. After Christmas he’ll scrape the Santa hat off it’s head and keep the running man.  Whatever makes him happy.


They really do have some awesome pizza.  My son recommends the Buffalo chicken and the calimari slice.


Next, is La Nostra Pizzeria on 110th Street & 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.  Joe runs this place and 20 years ago I painted his father’s pizzeria in Brooklyn.  I had some linguine and broccoli sauteed in garlic and olive oil when I was done.  Delicious!


Here is one of the delivery guys taking off for a delivery.  It was a warm but rainy night when I finished up. I took pictures and headed downtown to Soho for coffee with my friend Deborah.



Finally, I was back in Manhattan recently and I was able to take day time pictures of the second half of the FPWA windows on Park Avenue and 22nd Street.  They won’t be here next year.  The building was sold and they are being booted out.  Look for them on the lower east side – same time next year.


As you can see I have windows right at a couple of subway stops in New York City.  Not bad for a country girl from Nebraska!