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Easter Windows

Easter is early this year!  I painted these windows at Fortunatos Pastry shop last week.  IMG_3602

I was inspired by the plush Easter bunnies they had dispersed throughout the store.


The girl bunny!

IMG_3597 (1)

Matching boy bunny!


Flowers along the side windows…and all the people!  These folks are IT somewhere in Manhattan.  Yes, I do hear the conversations as I paint!IMG_3599

The back doors….



The end windows.  The real meaning of Easter…the Lord has risen.  Peace, Joy, Love and Hope.


Happy Easter!


Easter Windows

IMG_0477Easter is on it’s way!  It came very early this year.  Seems I was just catching my breath, recovering from the long and intense weeks of Christmas window painting, when I received a call from Fortunatos, “Can you come paint Easter tomorrow?”  And that was before the month of February ended.

Easter window painting isn’t anywhere near the intensity of Christmas window painting but I do have a few steady clients each year.  Here are some of the windows in Brooklyn and Queens starting with the infamous Fortunatos.


It was a good 20 minutes after midnight before I finished these windows.   Edgar, one of the Baristas,  stood around waiting for me to finish so he could lock up.



This is a new client in Astoria Queens.  The owner lives near Fortunatos; thats how he got my number.

Easter 2013

When the sun is still out my windows take on a whole different look.  Just like stained glass the sun lights it up and makes it glow.


Edgar, the Barista from Fortunatos, owns a restaurant in Brooklyn on Starr street.  It’s a newly gentrified area next to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  He was such a good sport waiting for me after midnight that I was more than happy to bring a little Easter to his restaurant.


I have a free meal for me and a guest coming to me next time I’m in town.  A word of advice… always make free food a part of the painting deal.  You never go home hungry!


Below is another restaurant in Brooklyn.  This one is ideally located on Grand street just off of Lorimar.  Bahia. The owner told me he has been there for 14 years.  “So why have I not eaten here with my children?”  I asked.  He looked at me and said, “Yes, why haven’t you eaten here with your children?”

Even though this restaurant is Salvadoran and Latin American Cuisine, the smells and aromas coming from the kitchen brought me back to the ethnic Polish restaurants I’ve been to in Chicago.  The European style seating where tables are all in a row and strangers sit right next to each other, had the same set up.  And yes, I did leave with a very large goody bag of delicious food for my crew waiting for me back home.  🙂


Lastly, Doggie Day Care in Manhattan.  Alicia, the owner is the best.  She does all the holidays and is always happy with what I paint.  Work is so much easier when a customer is consistently pleased with your ideas.



Speaking of Doggie Day Care, here are some St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day Windows.




This is their winter Christmas window.



Finally, my long time friend Robert at Capri-Jet Realty in the heart of Williamsburg; a man who always wants the biggest bang for his buck.  So I crammed in as much holiday as I could for the price of one.




Thank you for stopping by to read my post.  It is my hope that when people see these images it brings a little smile to their face.  Easter, being the greatest of the Christian holidays, is about new life and new hope in the risen Lord.  Whether we are Christian or Jewish, Muslim or another religion, we are all united by the God of Abraham and a common humanity.  I hope the spirit of Easter, that peace and love are a part of your family this season.  Peace.

Spring has Sprung

I love spring.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that winter is over and spring has sprung!

These are the windows at Capri-Jet Realty Corp. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I have known Robert, the owner, for twenty years.  Twenty years ago he was known as Capri-Jet Travel Agency.  Some of my best work painting on windows was at his place of business.  Now a days, travel agents are all but extinct due to the internet and major travel web sites.

Robert re-invented himself and got his real estate license.  He then tore down the decrepit original two-story building, complete with creepy basement below his office, and rebuilt a new one from scratch including two condos above it.

Since then Robert has used other window painters.  The latest one painted some very nice images on the outside of the windows.   However, the business right next to Capri-Jet Realty is a bar.  When you add up drinking and late night sidewalk smokers you get miscreant behavior; which results in the meticulous destruction and the scratching off of window designs.

Thus came the phone call to me.  Robert wanted mostly spring flowers so the windows could stay up for a few months and a little Easter image that could come down after the holiday passes.

My window designs are safely painted on the inside of the windows.  The miscreants have to move down the block to the diner to scratch off window paint.  Happy Spring!