More Window Painting


More window painting!  Unfortunately, the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies has sold the building and they are moving.

But they called me to do up their windows one last time.


They came up with the truck idea and I came up with the boxes and moving men.



One set of windows has about 2 feet of depth to work in.  Here is what it looks like from the inside work space.


Every time I went in and out of the room to wash brushes I felt like this man was watching over me.


The painted moving  boxes juxtaposed with the real moving boxes.


You can’t miss this almost life size truck when you come up or go down the subway station at 22nd and Park Avenue.  Sometimes I see people taking a quick pic of me as they hurry by.   I am the monkey in the window when I paint!


Best of luck to FPWA in their new home down the block!



3 responses to “More Window Painting

  1. Windows look great. The moving men and boxes with the truck is perfect.

  2. Once again you nailed it woman!! Love the almost 3d effect of the boxes. Great job xoxo

  3. More Magic from the Kasun Girl! I would expect nothing less xo

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