2014 Christmas Window Painting

The 2014 Christmas Window Painting Season has begun.  Actually it began almost two weeks ago.  I’ve been in Manhattan this entire week except for today.  Today I was in Brooklyn Painting Sal’s Pizza.  He wanted a Santa toy workshop theme.

Brooklyn-Sal's Pizza

When I am done I bring home a large pepperoni.  My kids are spoiled eating pizza from New York’s finest pizzerias.  I hate to say it but Connecticut’s pizza doesn’t even come close.

Brooklyn-Sal's Pizza

The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies has been a client of mine for 4 years.  This is their last year in this beautiful building on 22nd and Park Avenue.  They aren’t sure if they will have any windows for me to paint in their new offices in lower Manhattan.  So I painted an extra special design.

Manhattan-FPWA 22nd & Park Avenue

This non-profit has specific needs for the children and families they serve.  The wish list is what they hope to have donated from the people of the community that lives and works near-by.

Manhattan-FPWA 22nd & Park Avenue

Stay tuned for the next group of window paintings.  I am going to try something new with a white winter wonderland at Picasso Pizza in Battery Park City.


3 responses to “2014 Christmas Window Painting

  1. Windows look great. Stay busy.

  2. Teri, windows look fantastic, as ALWAYS!! So talented and creative. Good you’re staying busy, it helps… Love you and the kids always.. Kathryn

  3. PS… Especially love the Protestant welfare agency. Hope they have windows when they move. xo

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