Trying to Create Art in the Summer

Once Summer comes around, when some of my kids are away at camp all of the time – and all of my kids are away at camp some of the time, I think, “Finally, plenty of time to do everything I’ve been wanting to do all this time!”   Yet, each summer I prove myself wrong.

There are long standing ambitions of not only putting to canvas some ideas that have been swirling around in my head, but there are temporary delusions that I will finish all the painting projects inside the house.

Outside the house, are my summertime goals of expanding upon my solar light creations.  To do so, I must keep the garden weed free so the weeds don’t bury the solar lights that are juxtapositioned around the tomatoe plants and sunflowers.

Yet, despite all these jump starts, out came my trusty old sewing machine.  I happened upon and bought this eye catching canvas print and there was no way anything else could get done  until some bags were sewn.

“Marjori needs a bag!”  When she comes and stays at my house with her son she always leaves with a boatload of stuff from her favorite store – Wal-mart. They don’t have a Wal-mart  in Manhattan so she goes a little crazy here in Shelton.

The funny thing about her is that she refuses to use the plastic bags provided by Wal-mart to carry all of her purchases home in.  As a New Yorker she would not be caught dead carrying anything but a few groceries in a generic plastic bag; thus spending extra  money on a pretty bag for a one time use.

“How come I never see any of these bags again?  You know you are coming up in a few months and there’ll be another trip to Wal-mart.  Where do these bags go?”  I had to ask.

“Oh, they are not good bags.  They are made of plastic and they don’t last more than two or three trips to the grocery store.” was her answer.

I continue, “Do people on the Metro-North railroad really care what type of bags fellow annonymous passengers carry their stuff in?”  “Yes.” is the definitive answer to that question.  I think she has some kind of weird addiction to bags.

I also sewed one for my friend Michelle.  She works in Manhattan and schleps her personal items to and fro on  subway with a beat up- well worn- yet pocket friendly trade show free-be bag I gave her last year.

When I gave her the new bag she thanked me profusely but she went on to tell me how much she liked her well worn scrappy bag from last year because it had lots of deep pockets on the side.

So I grabbed my gift back from her, brought it home,  sewed half a dozen pockets on the side of it and popped it in the mail.   I’ll be checking in on her soon to make sure she has made the bag transition.  My bag is coming soon.

The next project that I was in the middle of was re-doing my daughter’s room.  This was something she’s been wanting to do since the Spring when she and two of her friends at school started the “George the Giraffee Club.”

We even went to the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport to draw some Giraffes.  When we arrived we found out they didn’t have any Giraffes.  Not only is this zoo Giraffe-less, they don’t have Elephants or Monkeys.

However, they have Buffalo.  So we pulled out are pencils and paper and drew some Buffalo and believe it or not they are very interesting creatures.

Another project that I desperately needed to attend to was the next series for my agent.  We decided that I would paint a series of Roosters.  This is how it starts out with a quick drawing.

Next, I jpeg the drawings to my agent.  I did this yesterday and we had a long conversation about the latest colors and designs in the market.  Yet we always get sidetracked talking about the latest is in our personal lives.  She is not only an top notch professional, she is my friend.

Now, it’s time to finish the trim around the door inside the Giraffe room.


2 responses to “Trying to Create Art in the Summer

  1. like the rooster drawings. and as far as getting things done in the summer – I make the mistake of thinking I will get so much done every year. Also, what a cute room your daughter has.

  2. Love the giraffe room color…similar to my little girl’s room back when we had a house. The angel is very cool too. If you ever find the cure for being too distracted by multiple projects, let me know because I suffer similarly.

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