Main Street Music in Monroe

Main Street Music is where all three of my kids take music lessons.

It all began in the  fall of 2009.   The recession was at its peak in my household. (to put it mildly).  Neatly tucked inside my daughter’s back pack was a flyer, “Rent a musical instrument and get the first three months free.”  “Free” was the operative word at a time when food stamps were helping me feed the three of them.

My daughter desperately wanted to join the violin group in her music class at school because her best friend was joining.  How could I say no?  As an artist I know that music not only helps with self-esteem and math skills but it is one of the best creative outlets there is, besides painting of course.  We rented the half-size violin and would take on this new adventure in 3 months time slots.

By Christmas, my daughter had become frustrated to the point of tears.  Her music teacher was unable to give her any individual lesson time yet was expecting her to know how to read music.  As with any instrument, if you can read a few notes and find out where to put your fingers it’s fairly easy to pluck out the basics,  (I once played a little guitar and a little piano), but this wasn’t happening in the violin group.

I made one phone call to the music store where we rented the instrument and we had a weekly time slot for violin lessons.  My sons and I endured the sounds only a beginner on the violin can make.  Imagine if you will, the shrill screeching sounds that exist in the bowels of hell.  Never-the-less, she got better!  We could actually distinguish songs like Jingle Bells and the Pink Panther.

As for my two boys they started music lessons last spring. After my oldest went through a cancer scare and an eventual diagnosis of chrones disease my thoughts were, “Music!  He needs the creative outlet of music.”  He was happy to take the lessons and as for the child next in line, how could I leave him out? He is that lost middle child.  So far, he doesn’t seem lost.  I hope it’s due to the fact that I try not to leave him out.  Although, I do get occasional phone calls from the school, “Hey mom?  Did you forget to pick me up?” 

Last summer Maggie Joy went to a summer string camp put on by Western Connecticut State University in Danbury.  It was a one week sleepover camp.  Yes, I said sleep over – as in one week away from me!  🙂

This is her teacher Samantha.  Samantha is a 2012 music major graduate at the University of Western Connecticut.  She is awesome and we love her.

Fast forward to the month of May 2012.  The owner, Jim Swain, asked me to paint a rock and roll theme on a large window in his shop.  The room was getting a complete makeover, turning it into a really cool hip rehearsal space/birthday party/karaoke room etc. 

This is how the window looks on the outside.

And this is what the room looks like on the inside.

Did I mention that it was a barter deal?  Totally awesome dude because music lessons for 3 kids was not cheap.  I just love when I can barter artwork for something that is a monthly expense.  But it didn’t end there.

After adding a picture of the window painting to my website I put a link to his site and thought, “This is one of the most confusing unorganized websites I’ve seen in a long time.”

I didn’t want to discourage or condemn the website builder because it seemed as if a young high school kid did it to get some practice in for loftier goals.  God forbid I discourage someones entrepreneurial spirit, not to mention the fact that the site hadn’t been updated in almost a year.  It ends up a middle-aged man who is an IT professional did it.  Enough said. 

So we made another bartering deal and I redid his website.  More like I completely built it from the ground up.  I know why people charge a lot of money to make web sites.  It takes a lot of time!

Check it out.  I chose green because his signs on the building have green lettering, not to mention it’s my favorite color.

It didn’t end there.

I asked him,”So… who is helping you with getting the Birthday parties together?”  He said the wife of a friend said she would help; but she never showed up or called.  Here was my chance to go in for another killing. 

Even though my daughter’s birthday was in April I had promised her a lazar tag party.  It never took place because after leaving 3 messages at the local lazar tag facility they never called me back. 

It was fate!  Here was my chance to save another chunk of money and volunteer my time and kiddie expertise in putting together the first birthday party at Main Street Music.  (After 3 kids and over 15 years of birthday parties can I add this to my resume?) 

Using my kids as guinea pigs is lots of fun.  My 11-year-old girl is all excited.  I will report back on how a room filled with sixth grade girls for an hour and a half, followed by a sleepover at my house goes in an upcoming blog.  Pray for me.


3 responses to “Main Street Music in Monroe

  1. You are amazing! Do you realize that your work as a mom to make things happen for your family employs more complex negotiating and multi tasking skills than the average corporate executive. Love reading these from you!!!

  2. Just wonderful as usual, miss Terry.

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