Spring has Sprung

I love spring.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that winter is over and spring has sprung!

These are the windows at Capri-Jet Realty Corp. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I have known Robert, the owner, for twenty years.  Twenty years ago he was known as Capri-Jet Travel Agency.  Some of my best work painting on windows was at his place of business.  Now a days, travel agents are all but extinct due to the internet and major travel web sites.

Robert re-invented himself and got his real estate license.  He then tore down the decrepit original two-story building, complete with creepy basement below his office, and rebuilt a new one from scratch including two condos above it.

Since then Robert has used other window painters.  The latest one painted some very nice images on the outside of the windows.   However, the business right next to Capri-Jet Realty is a bar.  When you add up drinking and late night sidewalk smokers you get miscreant behavior; which results in the meticulous destruction and the scratching off of window designs.

Thus came the phone call to me.  Robert wanted mostly spring flowers so the windows could stay up for a few months and a little Easter image that could come down after the holiday passes.

My window designs are safely painted on the inside of the windows.  The miscreants have to move down the block to the diner to scratch off window paint.  Happy Spring!



2 responses to “Spring has Sprung

  1. Beautiful, Teri!! I especially love the bunny! You have such a gift!!! Happy Easter!

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