Easter is on it’s way-already?

That is exactly what I thought when Biago from Fortunatos called me up and asked me when I was going to come by and paint Easter Windows.  “Easter already?  Didn’t I just paint Christmas for you guys?”

So I grabbed my bag of paints and brushes and hopped on over.

I admit years ago I painted the Easter Bunny as an artist, but no one remembers.

These are new – little chickies with umbrellas.

They seem so happy that spring is here.  Literally, spring is here!  It reached 70 degrees the day I painted these windows.

I have all my ducks in a row here. 🙂

As I painted my flower power daisies I quietly put in these lovely Peace signs.

One of the Biagos, (you see every other son of Fortunato fame is named Biago, which means Blaise in English and for Catholics, St. Blaise is a very important Saint from Italy.) so Biago came over and asked me, “Whata you puttin in here?  Whata this?”

I said to him, “It’s Easter and Easter is all about Jesus who is the Prince of Peace.”  He was nodding his head in agreement when I piped in, “Unless, you want to move it into the political realm and make it a statement about-make peace not war?” “No no no…I lika the Jesus as Prince of Peace”

This year’s interpretation of the  Prince of Peace.

The photo above and the photo below are courtesy of my friend Patty!  She looks good among the flower power flowers!

There are lots of wonderful things inside.

This is Melody.  She is so sweet and friendly.

And this guy has been here as long as I can remember.  Not so sweet and friendly but we joke around a lot.  He’s yelling at me because I stole an eclair.  Am I being unwise to steal anything from a wise guy place?

This is the cool and hip crowd that hangs out in this hipster joint in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Still the best Cappuccino in town!

Happy Easter!


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