When You Need an Artist

Where do small businesses turn to when they need a job done that requires a steady hand?  They turn to their local artist.  Thus, started my journey to my favorite pizzeria in lower Manhattan.  I took the train to get to Picasso Pizza.  As I walked to reach my final destination I passed this sculpture.

This is “The Sphere” by Koenig.  It was conceived as a symbol for World Peace and stood in the shadows of the World Trade Center buildings for 30 years until that fateful day.  But it survived and was placed in this park as a temporary memorial for all.  This sculpture, created as an icon for World Peace, survived 911.   Miraculous, ironic, symbolic and spiritual all at the same time.

What sophisticated skills and ancient mediums were needed from a classically trained artist?  Chalk!  Lettering in chalk on the menu board was the job for the day.

We started out by going to Pearl paint to get supplies.  Pearl paint is probably the best and biggest art supply store in all of New York City.  (However, it is debated who is better, Utrecht or Pearl).  Michael gave me his credit card to go in and get whatever I needed.  A gold platinum credit card with no limits.  So I went all out and bought $11.oo dollars worth of chalk.

Michael’s father, Michael Sr.  and I decided we made the better team.  He figured out the columns and item placement and I drew them in.  Oh, and the younger Michael, he went to the other pizzeria and ran errands; and I did give him back his gold platinum card.

This store was  just remodeled.  Opening day was at weeks end.  Writing out readable lettering while sitting on counter tops and standing on ladders is not the easiest thing in the world.

Yet, it was lots of fun chatting away with Michael Sr. all day long.  Maybe that’s why it took so long to do but my kids don’t mind because when I am done, I always come home loaded down with food.


4 responses to “When You Need an Artist

  1. Good stuff as usual, Theresa.

  2. Another masterpiece!!! This one edible… MMMmmm Eggplant parm and pasta, extra sauce puhleseeee 🙂

  3. Hey there, I am a fellow New Yawker as well, originally from Brooklyn, then the Rockaways , now in Staten Island. Stumbled across your wonderful website when I was looking for painted windows. I am a self-taught One Stroke (folk art) painter of flowers and am interested in painting something for St. Patty’s day on my front window. Any ideas? YOu do wonderful work. love that I found a page where there are familiar restaurants that you have painted. Hey write back, thanks Karen

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog! I consider myself half New Yawker and half Nebraskan and I hate to admit I can chase down those taxis on Manhattan streets just like the other crazies.

      Yes, I do have some ideas/suggestions for your St. Patrick’s Day windows. I use an acrylic paint called Basics. You can get it at any arts and crafts store. The colors work well on windows. I start by drawing out the design in black. After it dries I color it in. Just like a coloring book but it’s on the window and it works like stained glass; when the sun shines through it seems to pop. I also cut templates once in awhile. Like yesterday when I was painting some Easter windows I had cut out the shape of an egg so I could use it as a pattern on some of the windows. Otherwise drawing freehand works just fine. If you have any questions please feel free to write me at my e-mail address theresakasun@gmail.com and send me a jpeg of your windows when you are done!

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