Sal’s Pizza and Metro Diner

The following day I did a double again.  I started my day at Sal’s Pizza on Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It was a warm sunny day.  The temperature was above freezing.  This is the best time to paint on glass windows.  If it is below the freezing mark acrylic paint does funny things like bubble up and crack.

I’ve known Dominic, the owner of Sal’s Pizza, for 19 years now.  He was my third customer that first year back in 1992.  Through the years I’ve heard about his daughters who are now college students, and in return he has heard about my children and personal ups and downs, always had a kind word and is a loyal customer.

Each year he has a special request for the one lone window on far side of his pizzeria.  It usually pertains to some personal neighborhood joke with his friends like the year I drew rats wearing Christmas hats drinking tequila.

One of the first jokes we played was on an elderly gentleman who lived down the block.  Dominic asked me to call him and say that I just saw a “for sale” sign on his car and act like I was interested in buying it.  It was really hard to keep from bursting out laughing with Dominic and the rest of the crew behind me snickering and trying to hold in their bursts of laughter.

“How much do you want for the car?” I asked.  “What?” came a distressed voice from the other end of the phone.  “I’m not selling my car.  Where did you get the idea that I’m selling my car?”

“There’s a for sale sign on it and I want to know what you want for your car.” I reiterated.

This poor man became more distressed the more I asked about his car but then he heard all the laughter in the background and knew exactly who it was.  This is the kind of fun we have over here at Sal’s Pizza.

This year the special request for the lone window was for the troops, “Bring them home.”  December 2011 was the month the U.S. Troops officially left Iraq.

Images of the green army men from toy story came to mind.  My middle child used to always set up little green army men when he was younger.  (Now it’s Xbox live with army action games.)

Next I drove over to Middle Village, Queens and painted the windows at Metro Diner.

He is a steady customer for the last four years.  I started about 4 and finished up about 8pm.  This is what the windows look like inside after dark.

Two more holiday window posts to go!



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