Bay Ridge Carpet and Cooper Town Diner

What do Cooper Town Diner and Bay Ridge Carpet have in common?  Nothing except for the fact that I painted the two businesses on the same day.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Bay Ridge Carpet is on the edge of Brooklyn, (this part of Brooklyn lies in the shadows of the Staten Island Verazzano bridge) and Cooper Town Diner is on the East side of Manhattan.

This year I had to double up on painting store windows because I was running out of time and couldn’t even paint every place that called me.

I left my home base good and early, about 6:30am, to beat morning rush hour  traffic.  Those who know me, know that I am not a morning person and this is a small miracle for me to be in my car driving on the highway at this ungodly hour.

Richard, the owner of Bay Ridge Carpet requested these specific images.

When he asked me to paint the wise men in the other window I thought fine no problem.  I’ve been drawing scenes without reference materials for a long time, but I drew a blank when it came to how I should draw the camel.

Should I draw it with one hump or two?  Kind of like a cup of coffee with sugar…one lump or two?  To solve my dilemma I threw a wise man on the camels back.  You can decide if you want one hump or two.

Next was Cooper Town Diner on 1st Avenue off of 19th Street.

Michael, the owner of the diner was very warm and friendly and insisted I sit down and eat before I started painting.  (For some reason Greek men are always trying to feed me.)  Since I just ate pizza in Bay Ridge I only had room for a hot chocolate.  Just what I needed on a rainy day like that day.

Michael liked how my window painting was visible from both the inside and the outside.

Even Santa takes coffee breaks.

There were lots of friendly people in the diner that day.  I finally finished up around 7:30 and headed home.


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