Pizza and Pasta Delight, Manhattan

Pizza and Pasta Delight is located in lower Manhattan on Fulton Street, just a block or two from Wall Street, the World Trade Center and Zuccotti Park. 

They also own a Picasso Pizza in Battery Park City, which is on the west side of lower Manhattan but it is temporarily closed for renovations.  (I helped pick out the tiles for that project and I can’t wait to see it when it is done.)

So this year I only painted the one pizzeria.  Micheal, the owner, likes to put a traditional Santa and reindeer on the window.  His father, Michael Senior likes that as well. 

2004 was the first year I painted his two pizzerias.  He was trying to get my number for a couple of years before that  from his friend Joe who lived near Fortunatos.  For some reason his friend wouldn’t get my number for him so Michael made a trip into Brooklyn to find me.  I didn’t know that. 

To fill out the other windows I put in some traditional snow man designs.

This is Michael Senior.  He was about 18 years old when he came to America from Italy.  I like when he tells me stories about the “old days.” 

I never leave this place without a boat load of food!  Michael Senior makes me a minimum of three large pizzas and two or three trays filled with pasta and chicken cutlets.  I don’t have to cook for the next five days!  I am not a cook and don’t pretend to be one, so free food for me and my not so little crew back at home always makes me happy!

I got a late start this day so it was dark outside when I left.  Here are a few picks of what it looks like from the outside at night.

Stay tuned for the next set of windows!











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