A Cinderella Christmas Window

As a licensed artist I know that you are supposed to get permission to replicate someone else’s image.  Cinderella is no exception.  She is a Disney icon.  I normally don’t paint licensed characters, even though I have upon request from some clients in the past.  I made an exception in this private home in Queens. 

They are big fans of Cinderella.  The daughter, who is in her early twenties, is getting married next year and from what they tell me it is going to be a Cinderella extravaganza.   

I worked on the downstairs living room windows first.  It is a set of four bay windows facing directly south.  Perfect for sunlight to shine through for most of the day.

When I finished in the living room I headed upstairs to a duplicate set of windows just above in the master bedroom.  The only request was to put in a Santa. 

It really is a lot of fun painting these windows.  Here’s what it looks like on the outside.

Their house is beautiful both on the inside and out.











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