Christmas Windows on the edge of Harlem,110th Street

The next stop on the window painting trail was a pizzeria on 110th street and 2nd Avenue in upper Manhattan.  This is the beginning of Spanish Harlem.  How did I find this place?  They found me.

Believe it or not the owner, Joe, was 17 when I first painted his dad’s Pizzeria windows in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  He is now 34, married and has two kids of his own. 

I haven’t painted their windows in over 15 years.  They remember me as a new mother with a little baby boy.  That little baby boy of mine is now 16 and over six feet tall!

The first year I painted their windows they were in a small shopping area in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  That property was sold and replaced with new high rise condos.  They moved their pizzeria to Broadway on the south side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and after painting those windows for a year or two I didn’t hear from them anymore.

So out of the blue Joe calls me and said he just took over a pizzeria in Manhattan and wanted to have his windows painted.

I finished the windows at Fortunatos in a record two days, Wednesday and Thursday, so I could paint Joe’s Pizzeria on Friday.  Traffic from New York to Connecticut is a nightmare during rush hour and Fridays are the worst; making it the best day to take the train.

 I parked my car in Bridgeport, hopped on the Metro North and got off on 125th Street. 

I decided to walk several blocks down 125th Street, since it always has interesting things to look at, and then took a right on 2nd Avenue and headed on down to 110th Street.

After asking him what he would like on his windows I started the outline. 

We decided that a traditional red and green Christmas would be best. 

I painted a Santa with a box of pizza and lots of red and green bows and candy canes.

The pictures above are photographed from the inside and the ones below are taken from the outside.

My style of window painting simulates stained glass; you can see the images from both the inside and the outside of each establishment. 

My friend Marjori met me at the pizzeria when I was just about finished.  She walked me back to the trian stop on 125th Street and showed me her favorite food places in the neighborhood.  We made plans for me to come and shop on a day when our kids were in school and I didn’t have to rush back home. 

The Christmas lights lining 125th Street were very beautiful.  The view from the elevated train station is a definite stop for en plein air painting when warmer weather comes back.

The bridge in the distance is the former tri-borough bridge.  It’s now officially called the RFK, or Robert F. Kennedy bridge.  It connects the Bronx to either Manhattan or Queens. 




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