Window Painting last Monday

My window painting is so intense these two weeks right after Thanksgiving that I lose track of the day, the time and my kids.

As long as the food in the fridge dwindles with the passing of each day, I know they are eating; and those strangely tangled bodies sprawled out on my couches as I walk into the house at night are not scary monsters but two sleeping teens and one tween.  I guess they don’t want to go upstairs to bed until mommy is up there with them.

I like the night time in our house.  (I’m sure a million other parents are on board with me on this one) But there is something so wonderful and comforting when they are all tucked in safe and sound despite how big they are or what age.

Ok, with that said, I am going to start with Middle Village construction.  I painted them first thing Monday morning, back in November on the 28th.  (Doesn’t November seem so long ago?)  The owner Anthony, wasn’t there but his wonderful secretary Maria was and she was answering phones and chatting with me.

This office reminded me of a castle.  The entire office, from floor to ceiling, was tiled with all style and manner of bricks.  It was a feast of earthy colors and textures.

As usual, I drew everything out…

Then colored it in.  The one thing they requested was a Santa.

As soon as I finished Maria dialed up Anthony on Skype.  She took her ipad and showed him my work.  Guess where he was?  He was upstate in a tree with a gun.  Hunting is his favorite hobby.  You’d be surprised how many native city slickers like to hunt.  It ain’t just country boys.

Here is what it looks like on the outside.

Then I moved on to my pal Gaspar in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  I arrived at his pizzeria about 3pm and jumped right in.

I finished about 7pm and again, it was dark.  The nice thing about the windows when it’s dark outside is that they light up real well from the inside.

It was a pretty quiet evening on Monday.  This is not what a small business owner wants.  Gaspar thinks people are still not doing well in this economy.  As a small business owner I’m sure he is the first to feel it.

I made a big sign to advertise his holiday catering.  My window paintings can be more than just decorations.  They can be advertisements.

They can change the entire store front.  In this area of Brooklyn there is a lot of foot traffic and a near-by subway.  As I paint, I see people hurrying by who suddenly stop, converse with who they are with and then come inside for a slice.

This is my favorite picture.  Gaspar is hanging up a sign and it looks like his head is a great big red and white C.

Merry Christmas!



4 responses to “Window Painting last Monday

  1. How charming 😀 Merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. Since you do your drawing/painting work from the inside, do you do the text from the outside, or write in reverse from the inside?

  3. Fun! I love your graphic work. Happy Holidays!

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