Happy Holidays in 8 Languages

Little Italy Pizza is on 45th street in Manhattan between 5th and 6th Avenue.  This is the third year I’ve painted his windows.  When I paint in Manhattan I try to get there as early as possible because once the New York lunch crowd comes around there is no room for me.

This day was black Friday and it was filled with tourists.  It became so crowded that people were moving my paints over on my table to have a place to sit and eat their lunch.

I had left my cell phone on top of a napkin holder at my paint table.  When I made my way back to get another color I casually said to the young men sitting there, “Hey did anyone call me?”  They looked up at me as if I was crazy.  No one even cracked a smile.

Then one of them in broken English said to me,”We are students.”  (That made me feel better because I know my American sense of humor may not make sense in another language)

“Where do you go to school?” I asked and another one in broken English spoke up, “We go to school in Florida but we are all from different countries.”

And so evolved the international Happy Holidays theme at Little Italy Pizza!  I wrote Merry Christmas in 7 different languages and Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew, so that makes a total of eight for the holidays.  This first one is Japanese.  He said I wrote out the characters better than he does.  How sweet!

Can you guess the other languages?


Starting with the Santa mirror and moving to the left  it goes like this: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.  The mirrors on the other side are Japanese and Hebrew.

And the last one on the end is English.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!  On to the next window…


One response to “Happy Holidays in 8 Languages

  1. This seems to be a really nice Pizza restaurant from the standpoint of the interior design/decor. Clean, not grungy like so most.

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