Christmas Windows on Park Avenue

The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies is headquartered on Park Avenue between 21st and 22nd street in Manhattan.  Tim, the development communications manager, saw my window painting at Bay Ridge Pizza in Brooklyn.

As you can see they have some nice, super large street-level windows.  They have always used printed materials to advertise their annual toy drive but have been unhappy with how quickly ink on printed cardboard fades in the sun.

Acrylic paint is liquid plastic.  It never fades.  As a matter of fact, the sun enhances the window painting because it works just like stained glass.

With this particular job, the entire staff met with me to discuss how they wanted to tell a visual story with the three windows.

Donations from neighborhood folks go to very poor kids that live in the Burroughs.

As a matter of fact, the kids are beyond poor, often times they are homeless and instead of asking for toys or digital games they ask for things like a bedspread or a pack of socks.

It’s just plain heart breaking to hear about the poverty that exists for the most innocent of our citizens-children.  One in 5 kids go to bed hungry at some point during the year right here in America.  (I wonder if those are pre-recession statistics?).

These windows are enclosed in a space inside a conference room on the ground floor.  I had the entire conference room for the day so I could spread out my paints and drawings as needed.  I kind of wish I brought a radio just for some company.

I started at 10:00 a.m. and didn’t finish until 8:30 at night.  I get to the point of being so tired I call it “zombie mode.”  The up side of zombie mode is that I know I had a great workout!  Between climbing up and down a step ladder and reaching up high spreading colors as they dry, gave me both an upper and lower body workout.

Here are a few of pictures at night.  Quite a contrast from the day.

I have to be careful when I step back into the street to take pictures.  I was almost run over by a bicyclist.  She did compliment my work though.

Do you think the Gap Clothing people will notice I “borrowed” some images of children from one of their ads?

Thanks for reading and actually getting to the bottom of this page!


3 responses to “Christmas Windows on Park Avenue

  1. You are so very talented! These windows look awesome!

  2. This is so very lovely!! You so talented…………

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