Thanksgiving Window Painting

This is Metropolitan Diner in Middlevillge, Queens.  My friend George, who owns the restuarant with his family, asked me to paint Thanksgiving windows.  I painted them last Thursday, November 3rd.


When I paint scenes on windows I use acrylic paint.  It adheres to the window very well on a temporary basis.  Once finished, it can last indefinately; as long as no one scratches into it or saturates it with water.  Acrylic paint is liquid plastic.  It doesn’t fade with exposure to the sun. 

As a matter of fact, sunlight enhances the paintings and makes it glow the way stained glass glows when flushed with light.  

I draw everything out in Mars black first.  Then I color them in with vibrant colors.  This results in the viewer being able to see the design both inside and outside the windows. 

I experimented with some cool colors in this turkey instead of all warm colors.

This is George.  I had to sneak this photo in.  He is camera shy. 

These are some local customers enjoying lunch.  The man on the right is Ike Ilkiw.  He owns NYC Adventure Tours.  He was a real police detecdtive who gives tours of TV shows, movies and crime scenes.  Maybe when my brothers come back in for a visit I’ll give him a call.


6 responses to “Thanksgiving Window Painting

  1. What kind of acrylic paint do you use? I’d like to paint my window and I’m not sure which paint to get.

  2. I would like to know what kind of acrylic paint you used for these
    paintings ?

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m not sure my response went through. So I am e-mailing you again and hope I am not repeating myself.

      I use BASICS. It’s an acrylic paint that you can buy at just about any art supply store. Mars black, titanium white are the best black and white paints as the others are too transparent for a good spread on a window.

      All the yellows are streaky so I add a little white to my yellow before using it on the window and it comes out better. Otherwise you can experiment with all the colors. Mixing them is not so good. They turn very brown. Adding white is fine if you want pastels or lighter colors. But I have found that buying the color outright and not mixing it will have the best results.

      Best of luck. valentines day is coming soon. Great theme for windows!

      happy new year

      • Thanks much Theresa, I was having trouble with yellow and their you go, giving me just the right info on that color and all the others I was thinking of . when I’m done I’ll show off what you helped me with~ God Bless and Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Can’t wait to see the work!

  4. Hey Theresa,
    I finished the painting a couple weeks ago (cold weather slowed the job a bit anyways its done , however my forte lies there and I’m useless as a teckie don’t know how to send the pics~ However it would be great if You “liked” us on face book ( (I hope I did that right lol ~ then you can see the finished work.Plus the start to end of doing the shop from a used to be insurance office to a shave ice and Snack shop. Speaking of finished ,do you put a sealant or UV inhibitor on your works,painting is done ? Aloha and Mahalo Kevin

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