Knickerbocker Avenue

Tuesday, November 1, 2011.

I drove my big brother to LaGuardia Airport Tuesday morning.  He came in for two days.  He was on his way back to school in Austin after attending a conference in Milwaukee and decided to stop by.  He is an awesome brother and he cooked a very tasty roast one night.

After dropping him off I parked my car in Queens and hopped on the M train.  I went back to Knickerbocker Avenue to finish my painting.

There weren’t too many curious onlookers.  However, a young woman who stood near me while waiting for the M train was eating something that smelled quite delicious.  As I looked over and saw what it was I said, “Oh wow, those smell really good.”  She was eating plantains; Spanish fried bananas.

They are sweet and they are yummy and she gave me one!  Then, as the train quickly rolled into the station and just before she hopped on, she gave me the rest of her plantains!  I ate them all.

I was able to use some of the new paints I bought the other day.  I spent about 2 hours painting then packed it in.  Finally, this small painting is finished.  I headed to the exit, crossed over to the other side and got on the train going back.

Below this station on the street were these awesome murals.









One response to “Knickerbocker Avenue

  1. I like these off beat views of the city, showing the shapes and ‘bones’. Very interesting work!

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