Halloween Festivities

Halloween this year landed on a Monday.  My daughter decided weeks ago that she wanted to be a box of rice.  Rice a Roni – chicken eye ball flavor!

We both painted her costume and I have to tell you I was very pleased with the price.  All it cost me was time.  The box came from work and I already had the paint.

My middle child decided he wanted to be Dora the Explorer.  Don’t even ask.

Friends to trick – or – treat with.

More friends to trick – or – treat with; but this group of 13 year old boys took off on their own.  Later I saw them on the streets going from house to house getting candy.  However, I spotted among their ranks some of the most provocative, cunning and complicated creatures they will ever encounter……..GIRLS!

This scary one handed out candy.

Fun stuff around the neighborhood.

Who doesn’t love Scoobie Do?

I thought smurfs were small?

But the scariest by far – never seen in these parts since they began recording weather history with the pilgrims…….


…two days before Halloween.


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