Brooklyn J line

I can’t tell you how beautiful and perfect the weather was yesterday.  Low humidity and about 80 degrees.  It was one of those “Indian summer” days and it is the best time to paint “En Plein Air.”

This is where I set up my easel, the J line at Marcy Avenue.  As I snapped a quick shot with my camera this handsome dude came walking along.

I was able to paint for about 2 hours before the sun went down.  Now that the sun is lower in the sky it casts longer shadows on the buildings.

There were some very interesting people that came along and chatted with me.  When I first arrived at my destination, an Asian man was sitting on a near-by bench.  He watched me convert the wooden box I was carrying into an upright easel.  I pulled out my painting, paints, brushes, linseed oil, turpentine, paper towels and a small stack of business cards.

When I looked over at him he had a great big smile on his face and reached over for one of my cards,  “I am here from China studying English,” he continued, “I am a manager of a gallery and they sent me here to learn better English.”  How interesting, maybe he will send me an e-mail!

I also met some young folks on their way home from apple picking.  Thanks for the apple!  But my favorite was Courtney, “that girl at the party.”  We had such a fun talk about the weather, the president, the protests on wall street and how neither of us can work for heartless bosses.

BTW, she has an awesome website! 

Thanks for stopping by.  One more thing; afterwards I went to a friends apartment and watched one of the best Cornhusker games ever!  Nebraska 34-Ohio State 27.  Go Big Red!

















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