September 29, 2011

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days I walk down the hallway to my studio, plant my feet in front of my easel and paint.   I accomplished this goal both days.  Not only did I work on the four small grape paintings but my agent got me started on two new ones to add to this series. 

I did wander off the beaten path and worked on these two paintings.  The coffee grinder is a work in progress.  It’s officially finished and has been in a show.  However, it hangs in my kitchen and I see it every day.  On a day like today it said, “Hey take me down and add some orange reflection to the red knob and while you’re at it, use that T-square to straighten out that one line.”  So I did.  And when I asked my kids if they saw anything different about the painting they all said, “NO.”

This painting is the result of a bunch of teddy bears piled up in the corner of my studio from a series I did a couple of years ago.  They look at me all day.  They are always behind my back with their many sets of plastic eyes staring at me.  They all seem to be having fun making small talk yet freezing into position with a smirk or innocent smile as I turn around.   They were doing things to my psyche so I decided to bunch them all up into a group and paint a picture.  Hey, if you can’t beat them – join them.  I’ll be coming back to work on this bunch of fluff later.


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  1. Teri, do you use pre-sized canvas/board? And what paint medium do you work in and is it always the same?

    • Hi Paul, thanks for the comment! Yes, I do use pre-sized canvases for my work because it is convenient and less expensive than stretching my own canvases. On commisioned pieces I like to stretch my own canvases and size them up with gesso because it is a better quality and I have control over the size and feel of the canvas. I always use oil paint! There is something about the process of oil paints, the smell of the lindseed oil and the ability to turn the paint into something beautiful that is very challenging and gratifying. Have a great day!

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