Painting for my Agent

September 16, 2011

For the last two days I have been spending time working on this set of 4 grape paintings for my agent.  They have reached the point of just about being done.  I need to take away the scrolls on the lower part of each painting and make it more of a banner.  And tighten up on the leaves. 

I seem to neglect the leaves when it comes to these type of paintings.  It has alot to do with the fact that grape leaves shrivel up within minutes of cutting them off the vine.  I have a small grape vine in my back yard that has yet to bear any fruit.  It has lots of bug eaten grape leaves spreading along the fence line. 

I’m wondering if the little wild creatures of the neighborhood are eating the grapes like they did with my little cherry tree in the front yard.  Out of hundreds of cherries this spring we did not eat one single cherry because those little buggers, whether of the winged species or the bushy tail species, stole every last one of them.   

Despite any hurdles that need to be overcome while painting I try to forge ahead.  My friends that are new mommies and friends that are fellow artists with one or two children ask me how I do it.  I tell them, “Gone are the days of long luxurious hours of painting!”  If you get 20 minutes to stand in front of your easel and actually put paint to canvas – this is a good thing.  You have to paint in between diaper changes and throw up.  My kids are older now so I have to do it in between being the taxi driver, the chuck wagon and the bread winner. 

It’s totally nuts some days and to tell you the truth on the nutty days I wouldn’t wish my little world of insanity on my worst enemy.  But it is a little world that at the end of the day when all my little chick-a-dees are tucked into bed, I can finally pass out.


2 responses to “Painting for my Agent

  1. Love your four grape paintings..! Is it done on paper or canvas?
    and yes, you’re right..there will always be obstacles, it is up to us to find that few minutes somewhere to put paint to canvas!

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