Painting at work

September 9, 2011

For better or for worse, most artists have a nine to five job that pays the bills.  I’m no exception.  I’m officially a part time “Educational Assistant” at Gateway Community College.

Basically, that is a fancy name for someone who is a paper pusher in an office.  Nothing too creative about that but on a day like today I was able to get out of my cinder block office and paint outside in the sunlight.

Again, nothing too creative about coating  primed metal safety railings with Rust-o-leum, but it was a pretty yellow color!

These railings are for the container roof top of our new grant funded Solar lab.  We are going to have solar thermal collectors on here soon.  Those are the funny looking tubes you find on rooftops that heat hot water.  Just below is a mock rooftop and that will be where students can install Solar Photovoltaic   panels.  I know, I’m sounding pretty solar geeky.




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