Knickerbocker Avenue

September 4, 2011

Today was a great day of painting.  I have to say New Yorkers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I met a few of them as I painted outside on the elevated subway lines in Brooklyn.  I like when people stop to talk to me.  It’s always an ego boost when someone compliments my work but I enjoy meeting the passers-by.

I met some great kids who recently finished high school who are artists as well.  I talked to a young man who is a pilot for one of Delta’s subsidiary charter airlines and he didn’t look much older than a senior in high school!  He was taking the subway to work.

“I used to work for Midwest Express Airlines at LaGuardia airport in another life,” I joked with him, “The problem with working for the airlines is that you are overworked and underpaid.  You have to be single and live with your mother to work for the airlines.”  A great big smile spread across his face and he chuckled, “Ya, I live with my mom.”

I look forward to the young man from Boston to post the photos he took.  Just remember, no close ups because I didn’t have any make-up on or do anything with my hair.   

My first stop was Knickerbocker Avenue on the M train.  I started this painting three weeks ago and didn’t get a chance to go back until today.  I first saw these views in 1995 when I worked in Manhattan.  I’ve always wanted to capture some of these rooftop scenes since and now, 16 years later, I’m painting something that has always been on my mind and in my heart. 

I started painting in the early afternoon until five.  The problem with this time of day is that the sunlight shifts too dramatically and changes the shadows on the shapes of the buildings.  I’ll have to come back to this spot one more time. 

So around 4:30-5 o’clock I took this picture, packed everything up and headed to the Marcy train stop on the J train.  I had already scoped out this spot earlier and was anxious to start another painting.  I’ll write about that in the next post.


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