New Work for Licensing

Sunday – August 28, 2011

This weekend the entire East coast shut down due to mother nature unleashing a very angry lady called, “Hurricane Irene.”   I heard a newscaster say, ” All the planes, trains and automobiles have been grounded. ”  Saturday was spent doing laundry until the very bottom of the pile, putting another layer of color on these paintings and attending opening games at the Shelton Flag Football League.  (My 13 year old is playing his fourth and final year of SFFL and if I may brag for just a moment, he was made Captain of the team.  Go Vikings!)

Starting at midnight yesterday, until 2 p.m. today, we were predicted to receive a Hurricane 1 lashing.  I believe we were downgraded to a Tropical Storm.  Never-the-less, just after 4a.m. I awoke to my radio playing music and it’s lights flashing.  We must have had a power surge, but come the morning almost every thing was normal, except for bits of leaves and twigs everywhere and the wind!

The force of the wind lashed against my south facing windows so hard I thought it might shatter at one point.  These crazy wind lashings always take me back to life on the great plains. Growing up in Nebraska it was very common to have winds so strong they just about blew the cows over.

This set of four paintings is my first attempt at getting back into the game of licensing.  I have an amazing agent who believes in me and hangs in there with me no matter what is going on in my life.  She told me to start small.  We decided I would paint grapes.  I sketched them out in charcoal first and sent off a jpeg; but in black and white they all looked the same.  So she told me to put in some color and she’ll take another look.

Today I spent time in the studio putting on more layers of oil paint.  My goal is to make each bunch of grapes look unique yet have a contemporary flare to them.  The dark colors and highly rendered images of past work are not what buyers are looking for today.  The trend in decorating is for light, open and airy colors.  Simpler images are in vogue so I am trying to paint in a more Impressionistic manner, yet stay true to my style.  The end goal would be to license these images with a manufacturer.  I think kitchen products or a set of dishes would be nice.

I’m glad I can spend rainy days like this on my commercial work.  I’m even more glad, when holed up in the house all day like this, my offspring did not have an emergency consisting of blood or smoke.  Hopefully, next Saturday I can get back to my city scape series.  I already have the place picked out for the second painting.


One response to “New Work for Licensing

  1. i love how you capture the colors & the mood of the season is so vibrant.

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