Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This is a landscape I painted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I’m fairly certain I painted it in 1996 because I remember having only one small child at the time. ( I really should date and sign my work.)  I was always fascinated with water towers, smoke stacks and the gritty brick of city buildings.  The wear and weathering of decades old masonry lends itself to beautiful shades of reds and yellow ochers.  As I wandered up and down these Brooklyn streets looking for a place to plant my paint box, this view caught my eye.

This is North 11th Street and Kent Avenue.  If you went and stood in this spot today you wouldn’t recognize it.  Not only are these buildings gone and replaced with super modern glassy high rises, but the fear of being mugged by a local crack addict is gone as well.  The biggest danger on these streets is being over run by hipster pedestrians, their bikes and baby filled jogging strollers.

It’s still a beautiful neighborhood.  I have many memories from here, mostly good ones.  I know people from this neighborhood for over twenty years now. They seem like family to me when I meet up with them.  Being far from my family of origin, that is a comforting thought.

Stay tuned for the first painting in a new series; an idea that has been filtering around in my head for over 16 years now.  I already started it but hope to finish it on Saturday. Pending rain from hurricane Irene of course!


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