Painting #3

Today is Thursday, November 19,2009.  Painting outside depends greatly on co-operation from Mother Nature.  This morning it was cloudy but then spurts of sun would come out.  In light of the rainy weather forecast for tomorrow, this morning I drove up to Bishops and hoped for some sun.  It came out twice but for very brief moments.  Today’s painting session was mostly cloudy all day. 

I was kind of hoping that due to the weather and the fact that I paint during regular school and business hours that the parking lot would not be so full.  I did get a few  minutes of some empty spaces and painted in more detail beneath the turret.  There is a large stack of hay to the left and just behind the white dairy barn is a red barn.  You can see just a small snippet of the red through the entryway under the turret. 

However, my frustrations with trying to paint cars in the parking lot did not go away.  They come and they go and I don’t quite get them painted in.  As one of the owners was walking by, I think it was Peter Bishop, he politely mentioned that perhaps taking a picture might be helpful.  Actually, it is a very good and simple solution to my car frustrations and I think that is what I am going to do. 

Did I mention the amazing smell of apple pies baking?  There was again today, all day long!



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