Bishop’s Orchards #3

Today is Tuesday, November 17, 2009.  The weather is definitely getting colder.  I think it reached 54 degrees today.  It started out cloudy but the sun broke through mid-morning.  When I paint outside in plein air I prefer a bright sunny day with just a few clouds.  Sometimes it is fun to paint a very cloudy day and capture its solemn mood.  However, with the sun shining I am able to capture strong shadows and richer colors.  

When I first came to Bishop’s Orchards in early October to pick apples, I found the sign with the larger than life apple on top to be a really fun image.  I definitely had to paint it.  I am using a longer canvas 12″ x 24″ inches to try to capture as much of the barn as I can.  The length of the barn was too long and I wasn’t able to put it all in.  I had to make a decision.  Did I want the end with the turret or the other end with the dairy barn top?  I liked the little turret on the left hand side and was able to paint some of the orchards just behind it. 

The trickiest part to this painting are the cars.  Just as soon as I paint a station wagon it pulls out and an SUV pulls in.  The vehicle in the front appears to be a new hybrid of half Jeep Cherokee and half Subaru wagon.  I will solve that problem later.  I basically wanted to block in the parking lot areas and complete the composition.  I like to cover the entire canvas with paint at the first sitting. 

This building is the Farm Market.  You can buy fresh produce, Bishop’s Wine, home-made baked goods, and just about anything a small grocer would offer.  It also holds the wine tasting room.  From where I was standing, way across the street, I was smelling home-made pies all day long.  With the sun shining, a cool fall breeze blowing and the scent of hot apple pies, I’d like to say that I am really glad and quite grateful that I don’t work in a cubicle anymore.


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