Christmas Vineyard #1 finished


Today is Thursday October 22, 2009.  It reached 70 degrees!  Exactly one week ago, when I started this painting, I was shivering on top of a hill trying to paint while snow flakes danced on my canvas.  October can be such a fickle month; seducing us in the warmth and afterglow of summer’s sweet delights and then abandoning us only to let old man winter creep in early and snatch away our day dreams forcing us to inhale the bitter cold of his icy wrath.  Well that’s how it felt when my fingertips got numb last Thursday. 

You can find this exact view at the top of the hill, by the small vineyard near the wine tasting barn.  Except for the fact there isn’t a sign that says season’s greetings; and none of these kind Jones family members put bows on trees or anything like that.  However, as the artist, the lord and master over this painting, I have the priviledge of taking artistic liberty with it; and because my agent Elaine suggested I put in a sign that says season’s greetings.  So I did.  I hope they like it and find it complete enough to add to the calendar for the month of December. 

I know it still looks very fall like but we discussed this already.  I can’t help it.  I can only paint what I see.  But, as fate would have it, these leaves are on the downside of peaking and soon they will all be blown away; to be replaced by bitter winds and snow and then I’ll get a real good winter/Christmas in the vineyard painting.  Yes indeed.  Nothing like painting in below freezing weather to capture the mood or the moment.  But that is my goal.  I am bound and determined to paint the entire Connecticut Wine trail and I’ll never get through it if I take a 4 month hiatus and wait for spring.  I was told by the Jones family that the vineyards have their own quiet beauty and are just as breathtaking in winter.  I just have to figure out a way to keep my fingers warm.  But I will cross that bridge when it comes.


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