Christmas in the Vineyard #3


Today is Wednesday, October 21, 2009.  This is my third and final attempt at starting a Christmas in the vineyard painting during this balmy fall weather.  It definitely says fall despite another attempt to turn the green grass into snow.  I have decided to stop fighting it and am going to wait for the real thing.  There is nothing like real snow and when we do get real snow there will no longer be any temptations to recreate burnt sienna or Naples yellow as I see them now in the background.  The trees will all be bare and probably will have snow on them.  I have decided that the best time to paint snow is when it exists in real-time.  

This painting was also an attempt at combining two areas that don’t exist in real space.  I really liked the flow of trees along side the road to the left so I painted it.   Then I moved all my stuff to the top of the hill where these rows of vineyards are and painted everything that is on the right.  My son Edward is like my youngest brother John.  He says it like it is.  “Too much road and not enough vines.”  That is what I like about opinions that come from men.  Short and simple.  He is right of course.  I need the vines to come out more from the right. 

 The vineyards I painted today were over at Pumpkin Seed Hill.  This is where you catch the berry ferry in the spring to pick strawberries, blueberries in July and now pumpkins.  It is the peak of the pumpkin picking season at the Jones Farm.  For most of the summer I was the lone car in the parking lot with a sign on the dashboard that said, “Painters car – painting in fields.” 

This afternoon I parked my car in a crowded parking lot, waded through a slew of mommies with their newborns, navigated boatloads of pumpkins and boxes filled with gourds and then dodged several mini play farm houses as I made my way down to the fields.  Every now and then I’d hear the diesel engine of the tractor as it pulled the kiddie filled hay wagon to the  near-by pumpkin fields and I could hear, ” You see over there?  We have a painter in the fields.”  Or sometimes it was an excited child’s voice, “Hey Mommy look!  Someone’s painting!”  It is moments like these that make everything right in the world despite the chaos that is in it. 

So tomorrow, weather pending, I am going to go back to the other field and try to finish up on the first Christmas painting.  I think at it is the strongest piece out of the three.


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