Christmas in the Vineyards Painting #2


Today is Tuesday, October 20, 2009.  Finally, a beautiful fall day.  It is almost 70 degrees outside.  A great day to paint despite a pile of paperwork that stared me in the face this morning, but I hurriedly finished it and ran over to the Jones Farm to get a few hours of painting in.  I wanted to start a second Christmas in the vineyard painting so that I can offer the calendar manufacturer a choice of Christmas paintings to choose from.  I am not so sure how much I like the start of this one.  

As you can see in the foreground I tried to paint snow.  There is no snow today, just beautiful greens and yellow ochres. I am afraid that my Impressionist training has taught me to capture the real colors that I see before me so sublimely that I cannot make that leap of faith and just paint from memory. 

How can I paint the cool shadows and warmly lit whites of fallen snow when I’m standing in a field with summer clothes on and no shoes on my feet?  (There is nothing quite as earthy and down home as taking your shoes off and letting the bottom of your feet feel the warmth of the earth on a sunny day.)  But I tried to paint snow anyways.  This is a smaller painting, 14 x 18 inches.  I will be able to finish it fairly quickly and try to paint one more Christmas in the vineyard painting so that I can offer a total of 3 paintings to choose from.  That is my goal.


2 responses to “Christmas in the Vineyards Painting #2

  1. I love the concept of Christmas in the vineyard! Have you ever heard of a wine that’s made after the grapes have started to freeze? A friend from graduate school had brought some from Canada (it’s a very sweet desert wine).

    I also like the fact that you can paint a Christmas tree next to wines on a glorious sunny fall day! Hope the week stays as sunny.

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