Three Barrels on a wagon


Yesterday, October 7th was a rainy day so painting outside was cancelled.  On days like that I usually either work in my studio, which is down the hallway from my kitchen, or I do the dreaded paperwork.  I opted for the dreaded paperwork.

Today, October 8, 2009 was a mostly cloudy day with little bursts of sunlight.    I headed straight up to Litchfield to finish the 3 barrel painting.  My agent wants to send the calendar manufacturer jpegs of all 6 of the paintings that will be going into the calendar and this barrel painting is one of them. 

I have to apologize for the poor light quality in this picture.  I took it at night with indoor lighting and my kitchen light gives off the essence of an interrogation bulb so the color is way off.  I usually take pictures of my work during the day on the window sill in my kitchen.  It is next to the sliding glass door so I can get a decent picture with natural sunlight. 

I have to say that it really is a priviledge to be able to go into these glorious vineyards and try to capture the indescribable beauty that is bursting on the fall scene here in New England.  Driving up and down these gently sloping hills of Connecticut is like driving your car right into a pretty post card pinned to the refrigerator. 

I did get a good 4 hours of painting in today which always goes by very quickly.  I added more detail to the barrels and  the post on the left.  I also brought in a touch of sky at the top where before it was all trees. 

Also, today a man with a pretty spiffy camera came by and took my picture.  He brought his camera over and showed them to me.  It was pretty neat to see the painting and the subject of the painting together.  I’ll have to take some pictures like that.  This painting is complete.  I am going to send it over to my agent for a final approval and see if she has any suggestions or if it looks done to her eye. 

Tomorrow I am going to try to finish the big barrel painting and if I accomplish that I will probably move on to the next vineyard.  Although, Tina told me about another picturesque area just down the road in another part of the vineyards and I am going to take a walk and check that out.


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